What to expect on Sunday Evening

We get together at 5pm on Sunday evenings. Our services go for approximately an hour and usually follow a fairly similar pattern each week: We usually start off by singing some modern songs and a few traditional hymns now and then. We have times of prayer, and a sermon/talk or video. Young people and children are catered for with separate but simultaneous activities on most Sundays.


We have off street parking in the block next to the Church, or you can park on the street adjacent to the Church.

Public Transport

Our Church is located in a central part of Bangalow so is walking distance to the Bus Stop.


When you enter the church through the main entrance, you’ll enter the foyer area at the back of the Church. You’ll often see people milling about before the service starts. Feel free to join the chat if you feel, or find a seat if you prefer. Newsletters with church news and information about upcoming events and programs can be found in the foyer. Bathrooms are at the front of the Church.

Worship Services

Sit anywhere and feel free to bring food and activities for your children if you wish. The ministers do. Our services include readings from the Bible and a message from one of our pastors. We have Communion on the first Sunday of the month. Everyone is welcome to receive Communion.

Everything you need to follow along with the services is projected on the large screen in the Church. All the parts of the service are clearly laid out and the pastors provide additional guidance and explanation throughout the service.


Each week we are lucky enough to have local musicians join us on piano, drums, and our very own Rev Phil on guitar.

After the service

We'd love you to stay around after the service and have a chat if you feel like it. If you're new to Church feel free to make yourself known to our ministers. We would love to give you more information about our Church.